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With an archive of more than 356 videos (lasting approx. 30 min. each), DP Fanatics spare no expense at bringing you the most spectacular double penetration scenes you’ll ever see. The videos can be downloaded on both on WMV (at a resolution of 1920x1080 with a bit rate of 5000 kb/s) or H.264 (at a resolution of 1920x1080 with a bit rate of 5000 kb/s). If you want to stream, then you’re on luck since the site’s in-browser player allows you to watch every video instantaneously at a resolution of 960x540. You can choose to watch separate scenes or the whole bundle, with no restrictions of any kind (nor for the download). I should tell you that only the newer 40 something videos are available on the above resolutions. The old ones can vary quite a bit from 1280x720 (with a bit rate of 3000k) going to 720x540 (with a bit rate of 4000k). Every video comes accompanied by a gallery of around 130 pics and they can be downloaded on handy zip bundle or watched in-site. The site is uploaded every other Sunday, giving you a great reason to check it on Mondays and see what’s new. With more than 233 Models, DP Fanatics finds only the very best babes, keeping the standards set by 21 Sextury Network alive and well in a landscape filled with less than stellar stars. You may know some of these babes and you may not know others, but after seeing them, you’ll remember them for a long, long time. Dp Fanatics Review